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All rates are for two people.

All reservations concerns only adults.

  • Check-in   14:00
  • Check-out 08:30-12:00


Fully flexible rate

Advance payment is not charged at the time of booking. The visitor prepays 50% of the total value of the reservation 21 days prior to arrival. The remaining amount is paid during the stay.

Non refundable rate

In case of prepayment of the total amount of the reservation, we provide the visitor with a 10% discount on the value. Full prepayment is required for this special rate, with no refund option, change or cancellation of the guest's initial reservation (non refundable rate).

Cancelation policy

For fully flexible rate reservations the visitor can cancel free of charge up to 21 days prior to arrival.

For any cancellations occurring within 20 days or less before the scheduled arrival date, the deposit is not refundable.

In case of non-show, 100% of the stay is charged.

In case of departure before the agreed departure date, 100% of the remaining reservation is charged as a cancellation fee.

Please note that due to the special rate non-refundable reservations can not be canceled and modified.

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